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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Last night we tried Mozz for the first time.  Please read below for an amateur review. 

 Mozz was a fun time.  Lots of parking options and they even have a valet on site to park your car for you.  The restaurant was very busy last night and the mood was good.

The staff worked great with our requests.  Due to uncontrollable circumstances, they fit in 18 of us on a Saturday night with very short notice.  With such a large group, it can create havoc for some places but they did not miss a beat.  Thank you.

Entering the restaurant on the side entrance (the front entrance is not used), the first thing I noticed is that the decor is very suitable.  On the left side, work is continuing on the NULU lounge which is scheduled to be open sometime in spring.  On past the hostess stand and you will find yourself at the Mozzarella Bar with they specialize in meats, cheeses, breads, pizza, etc.  For our night, we sat on the fine dining side where they had two large tables waiting for us.

The fresh in house made mozzarella was excellent and came served with melon.  The complimentary bread brought out by the staff was really very good. 

They do have an extensive, reasonable priced wine and cocktail list as well.  My dirty martini was very good and had just the right amount of olive juice.

The menu here is quite large and can be somewhat confusing but there are lots to choose from.  We had salads, which were very fresh, and then moved onto pizza.  They still use the brick oven that was there when Primos was in business.

The pizza to be honest was OK.  It wasn't bad, wasn't fantastic, just was good.  When I go back, I prob will order something else.  The entrees ordered around the table all got great reviews. 

All in all, it was a great time, the atmosphere is loud but good.  Lots of things going on around you and the jazz band was good.  Great environment.  I would recommend this place to everyone and can't wait to go back again.

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